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Dining Al Fresco–Spring Vegetable Soup With A Lemon Twist

Springtime. Longer days, warmer evenings and a good bowl of….soup? You might think this sounds crazy, but when the first spring vegetables are ready to pick, this soup is a refreshingly light supper you can enjoy on your front porch, your deck or in your garden.I confess, I love the vegetable soup at Zinc Cafe. Did you know they list the ingredients from all their dishes on their website? No […]

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End of Summer Green Beans…a la Zinc Cafe

It’s the end of summer and the end of a great season for my green beans. I experimented with so many recipes but my favorite is still green beans a la Zinc Cafe. I’m not sure I’ve exactly duplicated their recipe, but I will say, mine taste really good. I like dishes that are quick, simple, easy to make and preferably require little or no measuring. Give this one a try, […]

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