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Pork on Pork? This Little Piggy DIDN’T Go To The Market

What’s pork on pork, you ask? It’s a bacon-wrapped, garlic-stuffed, mustard/thyme-rubbed pork tenderloin–and boy is it good! People always ask me where I get my ideas. Like most people who love to cook I read old cookbooks for inspiration and I watch cooking shows on TV, but sometimes it’s just serendipity. Like this pork on pork, or as I like to say–this little piggy DIDN’T go to the market.  It was a […]

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Fresh Herb-Paired Roasted Fall Veggies

Working in my garden today I realized I planted enough herbs last month to supply a small restaurant chain for at least a year! What to do with all of them? Either all of my friends would get “herbs for the holidays” or I needed to dream up some new recipes–fast. Then it occurred to me–you always hear about wine pairing so I thought I’d try “veggie-pairing”. I rummaged through the fridge and […]

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