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Mid-Summer Harvest and How I Jinxed My Garden

I should have known better! Just last week I was telling a friend that my garden had been “pest-and-critter-free” this year. I was even gloating a little. As soon as I said it I worried that I had jinxed it…and boy, did I ever!  Last Wednesday, as I planted more cilantro (I can never have enough), admired how well my lettuce looked, and nibbled on the best strawberry crop I’ve ever had, […]

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Roasted Parsnips and Carrots With a Touch of Thyme

You might be wondering…what are these? And what do you do with them? Well, wait until you taste the results. It’s like you’re eating the best-ever roasted potatoes…except they’re parsnips!   Cathy Foote…this one’s for you and Michael.  Never tasted a parsnip? You’re in for a big, delicious surprise! Prepared like this they taste like really yummy roasted potatoes. And with the carrots mixed in–it’s like heaven. (And I don’t […]

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I Left Jazz Fest and Came Home To A Jungle

I went to New Orleans last week for the Jazz and Heritage Festival and came home to a jungle! And as I sat in my garden, marveling at the growth, I realized my garden and Jazz Fest are a lot alike. Last year was my first trip to Jazz Fest and I had an unbelievably great time. I was a little worried that this year wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Kind of […]

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The Garden…One Month Later

It’s been exactly a month since I planted the new garden and I thought you’d like to see how the veggies are coming along. So I’ll take you on a pictorial “then” and “now” tour. I swear by starting with good soil and healthy bug-free plants. So find a great nursery and get to know the people who work there–they’ll be glad to help you. Roger’s Gardens is my “go-to” favorite […]

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