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The Best Pico De Gallo With Grilled Halibut And A Couple Side Dishes

I don’t know if it’s because all the ingredients in this pico de gallo came from my garden, or if I just got lucky with the combination, but this was the best pico de gallo I’ve ever made. And it was so simple! INGREDIENTS FOR “THE BEST” PICO DE GALLO 1-2 tomatoes, chopped into small cubes 1/2 yellow onion, chopped small 1/2-1 jalapeño, chopped fine a handful of fresh cilantro, chopped 1-2 […]

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A Sexy Steak Supper For Your Valentine

Doesn’t this look delicious? It’s the perfect sexy supper to make for your Valentine–and it’s fool proof, even if you’re a nervous cook. Just follow my easy tips and you’ll never need to cut into a steak again to make sure it’s done. (Admit it, you’ve done that before, haven’t you? I know, ’cause I used to do that, too!) Start with a heart-shaped appetizer to show how much you […]

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