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Two Men and a Mango

Grilled Halibut with Two Men Mango Salsa Last week my neighbor, Kurt Olson, Man #1 in this story, called and asked how I felt about mangos. I had to be honest. I told him I thought they were okay, but I never bought them because I wasn’t really sure how to cut them and I heard they had a weird seed in the middle and well…I just didn’t want to […]

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Tzatziki — It’s Greek To Me

Tzatziki is one of those funny Greek words that’s hard to pronounce (tsah-ZEE-kee) but boy is it good to eat!   Just the thought of Greece conjures images of lazy summer days, sun-kissed beaches, white-washed buildings with bright blue shutters and long afternoons in tavernas sipping glasses of retsina and dipping pita into big bowls of tzatziki. But if you can’t make it to the Greek Isles this summer, you […]

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