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Mangi Con Amore: Chicken Piccata

In Italy “Mangi Con Amore” literally means “Eat With Love”, but in Laguna Beach it mean Stella’s booth at our Farmer’s Market where you can buy some of the best fresh pastas, sauces and olive oil. I used her olive oil this week to make my chicken piccata and (after dealing with a pan problem–I’ll explain) it was the best ever. I’ve truly perfected it now, so try this recipe. Not only […]

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A "Street-Style" Fish Taco Party

The first thing Jake wanted to eat when he came home for Spring Break was Mexican food. New Orleans may be known for its great food and fabulous beignets, but Jake assures me they just don’t have good Mexican restaurants. And even if you could find a great Hass avocado to make your own guacamole, it would cost a lot more than our current price of 2 for $1. So […]

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Mini Mushroom Lasagna inspired by Franco, Tuscookany and Big Night

Doesn’t this look delicious?  I admit, it’s fairly time consuming and yes, there are lots of ingredients, but it’s really easy to make. And after one bite, you’ll agree it’s worth all the effort! It’s just that good.  When I was at my cooking vacation at Torre Del Tartufo,, Franco, our chef, taught us how to make an authentic porcini lasagna. It was September and porcini mushrooms were abundant and inexpensive and […]

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A Sexy Steak Supper For Your Valentine

Doesn’t this look delicious? It’s the perfect sexy supper to make for your Valentine–and it’s fool proof, even if you’re a nervous cook. Just follow my easy tips and you’ll never need to cut into a steak again to make sure it’s done. (Admit it, you’ve done that before, haven’t you? I know, ’cause I used to do that, too!) Start with a heart-shaped appetizer to show how much you […]

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Two Men and a Mango

Grilled Halibut with Two Men Mango Salsa Last week my neighbor, Kurt Olson, Man #1 in this story, called and asked how I felt about mangos. I had to be honest. I told him I thought they were okay, but I never bought them because I wasn’t really sure how to cut them and I heard they had a weird seed in the middle and well…I just didn’t want to […]

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Pizza on the BBQ

Leave it to Cathy and Larry Nokes to come up with the best party ideas. Their latest was a “Build-Your-Own” BBQ’d Pizza Party.   Larry has absolutely mastered BBQing pizza–something most of us couldn’t imagine. And Cathy, creative as always, surprised us with the most unusual topping combinations.  Nectarine, pancetta, mozzarella and arugula?  Brussel sprouts, mozzarella and bacon? Sounds crazy, but it was crazy good!  Not that adventuresome? No problem. […]

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Tarragon Shrimp On The BBQ with a Fresh Garden Tomato Salad aka Larry Nokes’s Favorite

Don’t let the word tarragon stop you from trying this! When I saw this recipe years ago in the LA Times I almost didn’t make it because I didn’t really care for the strong taste of tarragon. But to my surprise, I discovered the marinade flavors blended into a smooth mellow taste and didn’t scream “licorice”. Now it is one of my easy summer go-to BBQ recipes. Not only do […]

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The Perfect 4th of July Burger… and Garden Update

In spite of our Southern California June Gloom, summer is officially here and it’s time to start thinking about burgers for the 4th of July.   There’s nothing like a great juicy burger, hot off the grill, perfectly cooked. It’s taken me years of trial, error and just plain bad ones to finally say I’ve unlocked the secrets to making the perfect burger.   And it’s so easy. Just follow […]

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Easiest Ever Dill-Infused Salmon on the BBQ

This is the easiest and most delicious way to cook salmon! After one bite Jake said even people who don’t like salmon will like this. I hope he’s right.  So here’s a taste test. If you’re not a salmon lover, try cooking it like this and let me know. And remember, salmon is one of those foods that are really good for you…loaded up with Omega 3. Ingredients: a great […]

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