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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Brownies With A Dollop Of Chocolate Frosting

It’s Valentine’s Day, let’s indulge!  Who doesn’t love chocolate? For that matter, who doesn’t love brownies with just a drop of rich, creamy frosting like your grandma used to make? Surprise the one(s) you love with this dessert from the heart!    I went to Coast Hardware–one of my favorite stores in town–to get a heart shaped cookie cutter and came out with a heart shaped brownie pan, three heart shaped […]

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"British" Beef Bourguignon For Your Valentine

I wanted to make a really special Valentine’s Day dinner this year and was torn between Shepard’s Pie and Beef Bourguignon.    I guess you could say my decision was made for me when I realized I forgot to buy mushrooms. I decided to substitute peas for mushrooms and call it British Beef Bourguignon–you know how the Brits love their peas.    When it all came together it was so […]

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A Valentine’s Day Beet, Grapefruit and Avocado Salad On A Bed Of Arugula

Valentine’s Day has gotten the best of me this year. I can’t stop using my heart shaped cookie cutters–on everything. My latest target–my home grown roasted beets.  This beet, citrus and avocado salad recipe was one of my favorites from The New York Times last summer. Right now I have an abundance of arugula in the garden so I added it to the original recipe and liked the little extra […]

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Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiches…For You and Your Valentine

Chocolate strawberry ice cream sandwiches–so creamy and chocolaty. Doesn’t this picture make you want one right now? These are super simple to make–the hardest part is waiting for the ice cream to melt and refreeze so you can cut out the heart shape. This recipe makes at least 24 sandwiches–that is, if you stop yourself from eating all the dough–I had trouble resisting. Counting calories? Skip the ice cream. They’re […]

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A Sexy Steak Supper For Your Valentine

Doesn’t this look delicious? It’s the perfect sexy supper to make for your Valentine–and it’s fool proof, even if you’re a nervous cook. Just follow my easy tips and you’ll never need to cut into a steak again to make sure it’s done. (Admit it, you’ve done that before, haven’t you? I know, ’cause I used to do that, too!) Start with a heart-shaped appetizer to show how much you […]

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