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Artichoke-Parmesan Crostini with Crumbled Bacon

Need to bring an appetizer to a Super Bowl Party this weekend? This artichoke-Parmesan crostini is perfect. It’s simple to make and with the bacon crumbles on top, sure to be a crowd-pleaser!This version was inspired by a Martha Stewart recipe–I added the bacon. I mean, after all, it is the Super Bowl. And if I wasn’t bringing wings, I figured I better bring the bacon! INGREDIENTS 1 baguette, sliced […]

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Thanksgiving Stuffing…Stuffed in Squash!

You don’t need a turkey to enjoy this stuffing! If you’re a vegetarian, leave out the bacon and if you’re a vegan use vegetable broth and olive oil. No matter what your taste, this is perfectly delicious for Thanksgiving! And for my readers around the world who aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving this month, it’s a great side dish. Not to mention, it’s super simple to make and it photographs really well! […]

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An All-American Fourth of July With Ketta, Kacky and Jeb

If you’re lucky enough to get invited to Ketta’s on the 4th of July, here’s what you can expect–an All American Feast with a bit of an Asian twist. I don’t know how she does it…and you think I like to cook. She could start her own business, and call it Ketta’s Catering. I’ll have to suggest that to her. She’d have a lot of happy clients. As I was […]

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Jake’s "Egg-ceptional" Breakfast Burrito…On A College Budget

I have to admit–Jake can cook eggs. I mean, really cook eggs. One year for Mother’s Day he made me scrambled eggs and poached eggs. I asked him how he knew how to cook a poached egg. He said he Googled it–you heat the water in the pan, swirl it in a clockwise motion, add a little vinegar and then drop in the egg.  So last week when he was […]

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A "Street-Style" Fish Taco Party

The first thing Jake wanted to eat when he came home for Spring Break was Mexican food. New Orleans may be known for its great food and fabulous beignets, but Jake assures me they just don’t have good Mexican restaurants. And even if you could find a great Hass avocado to make your own guacamole, it would cost a lot more than our current price of 2 for $1. So […]

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A Sexy Steak Supper For Your Valentine

Doesn’t this look delicious? It’s the perfect sexy supper to make for your Valentine–and it’s fool proof, even if you’re a nervous cook. Just follow my easy tips and you’ll never need to cut into a steak again to make sure it’s done. (Admit it, you’ve done that before, haven’t you? I know, ’cause I used to do that, too!) Start with a heart-shaped appetizer to show how much you […]

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A Festive Holiday Buffet

The holidays! They’re either the most wonderful time of the year–or the most stressful–especially if you’re hosting a holiday party. I’ve learned that having a fabulous buffet is the easiest way to celebrate and still enjoy your own party. All the work is pretty much done in advance and you can actually spend time with your guests. This buffet is great for a White Elephant Cocktail Party or even a […]

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It’s Holiday Cookie Time!

I love these molasses gems and guess what–I’m not alone! I just heard from a very reliable source that they’re also one of Santa’s favorites. So this year I’m going to leave him a few extra on Christmas Eve. Maybe he’ll leave a little something extra in my stocking. Are you reading this, Santa? I hope so!    Wait…this just in…Hanukkah Harry likes them, too! In fact, sometimes he shows […]

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The Perfect 4th of July Burger… and Garden Update

In spite of our Southern California June Gloom, summer is officially here and it’s time to start thinking about burgers for the 4th of July.   There’s nothing like a great juicy burger, hot off the grill, perfectly cooked. It’s taken me years of trial, error and just plain bad ones to finally say I’ve unlocked the secrets to making the perfect burger.   And it’s so easy. Just follow […]

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