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Cinco de Mayo

Chicken Posole

I just realized how long it’s been since my last post–almost 3 months–so I knew I needed to make up for that with something really good and super simple to make. It doesn’t get any easier or tastier than this chicken posole recipe from Martha Stewart.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure what posole was and I don’t think I’d ever had hominy before I made this soup for the first time last […]

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It’s Cinco De Mayo–Let’s Have A Carnitas Party!

I love Cinco De Mayo! It’s the best excuse to eat lots and lots of great Mexican food–especially Carnitas! I know, cooking carnitas is a bit time-consuming, but you know it’s worth it after the first bite.   Years ago a butcher gave me this recipe and I’ve never found a better one. The carnitas is juicy, moist and extremely flavorful with just a bit of a crispy edge. That’s […]

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Jake’s "Egg-ceptional" Breakfast Burrito…On A College Budget

I have to admit–Jake can cook eggs. I mean, really cook eggs. One year for Mother’s Day he made me scrambled eggs and poached eggs. I asked him how he knew how to cook a poached egg. He said he Googled it–you heat the water in the pan, swirl it in a clockwise motion, add a little vinegar and then drop in the egg.  So last week when he was […]

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A "Street-Style" Fish Taco Party

The first thing Jake wanted to eat when he came home for Spring Break was Mexican food. New Orleans may be known for its great food and fabulous beignets, but Jake assures me they just don’t have good Mexican restaurants. And even if you could find a great Hass avocado to make your own guacamole, it would cost a lot more than our current price of 2 for $1. So […]

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