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The Winter Garden, The Rain Barrel and Disneyland Dirt

When I was in Bhutan last fall I noticed many of the buildings had really cool cup rain chains, some silver, some copper but my favorite one had a red patina over silver. I’m sorry I didn’t bring some home along with the prayer flags that I still need to hang in the garden. But as I learned from the monks, I need to make sure I hang them on […]

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"The Top 5 Reasons You Know It’s December in California"…and other garden tales.

5.  My 60+ year-old orange tree is loaded with the best, most delicious Valencia oranges just waiting for the juicer…or a great bottle of Prosecco (okay…or Champagne). Just mix together and toast the New Year. 4.  The bird migration is limited to Birds of Paradise. 3.  The camellias are in bloom. 2.  Cayenne peppers are still growing. 1.  My December 30th harvest includes peppers, peppers and more peppers along with […]

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My Winter Garden…or should I say The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Yes, that’s right–good, bad and very, very ugly. But I’ll get to that in a minute. First I have to say THANK YOU and G’Day to Australia!!!! You may recall in my year end blog I was so happy that I had followers on every continent EXCEPT Australia. Well…that has all changed. Thank you, my Aussie friends, and I hope you keep reading.    With that said, it’s time for […]

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