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I Left Jazz Fest and Came Home To A Jungle

I went to New Orleans last week for the Jazz and Heritage Festival and came home to a jungle! And as I sat in my garden, marveling at the growth, I realized my garden and Jazz Fest are a lot alike. Last year was my first trip to Jazz Fest and I had an unbelievably great time. I was a little worried that this year wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Kind of […]

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The Garden…One Month Later

It’s been exactly a month since I planted the new garden and I thought you’d like to see how the veggies are coming along. So I’ll take you on a pictorial “then” and “now” tour. I swear by starting with good soil and healthy bug-free plants. So find a great nursery and get to know the people who work there–they’ll be glad to help you. Roger’s Gardens is my “go-to” favorite […]

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My Winter Garden…or should I say The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Yes, that’s right–good, bad and very, very ugly. But I’ll get to that in a minute. First I have to say THANK YOU and G’Day to Australia!!!! You may recall in my year end blog I was so happy that I had followers on every continent EXCEPT Australia. Well…that has all changed. Thank you, my Aussie friends, and I hope you keep reading.    With that said, it’s time for […]

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Back to the Garden

When most people think of fall they think of college football, the start of the basketball season (well, maybe not this year) and the World Series…but not me. I long for the day when the veggies arrive at Roger’s Gardens and I can begin my fall garden. It seemed I had to wait longer this year, but last Saturday I took the surfboard, skateboards, drumsticks, guitar picks and various other reminders of […]

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Jake’s Guacamole and a Garden Update

Jake came home from college last Friday and the one thing he wanted to do was make make his now-famous guacamole.   It took some cajoling on my part to get him to share his recipe, but since it was Mother’s Day, he relented–under one condition. I was allowed to do only two shots…ingredients before and guac after. He wasn’t about to pose with each step of the process. So […]

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The Spring Garden Is Planted

It finally stop raining long enough to think about my spring garden. For weeks I noticed that the soil was super wet on the front deck but assumed it was just because we had so much rain this winter.  But when I was getting ready to plant I realized the drains in the copper beds were clogged. What a mess! With the help of Max, my gardener, we dug out […]

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The Garden, the Gophers and the Squirrel

This is what my garden looked like last spring… after three years of trial and error. My first year as a gardener I planted everything….beans, corn, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, potatoes and every other vegetable I could find. But I didn’t have a clue about what I was doing and I planted them all way too close together. My friend, Cathy, warned me that my little bitty one-gallon tomato plants would […]

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