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Fall Planting Part 2 and It’s Still 88 Degrees Outside

There must be some connection between my planting schedule and the weather. When I put in my first fall seedsĀ (click for a then and now) it was so hot I wasn’t sure they’d make it. But they did! And with all this heat, my peppers keep producing. The offer for peppers still stands…please take some from me! In spite of the heat, I was ready to put more fall veggies […]

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First Fall Planting, Still More Tomatoes & A Few Surprise Volunteers

You would never know fall arrived in Laguna Beach this morning! We’re still having a bit of a heat wave, but nothing like last weekend when it was 102 degrees in my non-air conditioned (and non-insulated) house. And even though my good friend, and fellow gardener, Cathy, said I should wait until the soil cools for my fall planting, I was too impatient and just had to get a few […]

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Back to the Garden

When most people think of fall they think of college football, the start of the basketball season (well, maybe not this year) and the World Series…but not me. I long for the day when the veggies arrive at Roger’s Gardens and I can begin my fall garden. It seemed I had to wait longer this year, but last Saturday I took the surfboard, skateboards, drumsticks, guitar picks and various other reminders of […]

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