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Pizza on the BBQ

Leave it to Cathy and Larry Nokes to come up with the best party ideas. Their latest was a “Build-Your-Own” BBQ’d Pizza Party.   Larry has absolutely mastered BBQing pizza–something most of us couldn’t imagine. And Cathy, creative as always, surprised us with the most unusual topping combinations.  Nectarine, pancetta, mozzarella and arugula?  Brussel sprouts, mozzarella and bacon? Sounds crazy, but it was crazy good!  Not that adventuresome? No problem. […]

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Swiss Chard, Tuscookany and Franco

I don’t know about you, but when I saw leafy veggies in the market like Swiss chard, collard greens and kale I never quite knew what to do with them. But all that changed last September when I went to Tuscookany, the best cooking school in Italy, and met my chef, Franco. Franco had us use Swiss chard in his famous minestrone soup, which with his permission, I’ll share in […]

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