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Santorini Sunrise–The Perfect Summer Cocktail


It’s the middle of summer and since I wasn’t enjoying it lying on a great beach in Greece I decided to do the next best thing–have a Greek inspired dinner party with the perfect summer cocktail. 

I always like to serve a signature cocktail so I went “shopping” for ideas on Google and found this Santorini Sunrise from Saveur. It was cool and refreshing with the sweetness of a bit of honey and a kick from the mint. It’s definitely my new summer cocktail. 

This recipe makes one cocktail, but you can easily make a pitcher after you impress your guests with the first glass. 

(I modified the original to make it a bit easier to make)

  1.  In a highball glass, muddle 7 of the quartered grapefruit slices with the mint and honey.
  2. Fill with ice; add vodka, grapefruit juice and Campari and stir.
  3. Garnish with the remaining quarter slice of grapefruit and add a mint leaf.
The rest is easy–serve with your favorite Greek dishes and at the end of the night….
don’t forget the ouzo shots! OPA!

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