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Mid-Summer Harvest and How I Jinxed My Garden

I should have known better! Just last week I was telling a friend that my garden had been “pest-and-critter-free” this year. I was even gloating a little. As soon as I said it I worried that I had jinxed it…and boy, did I ever! 

Last Wednesday, as I planted more cilantro (I can never have enough), admired how well my lettuce looked, and nibbled on the best strawberry crop I’ve ever had, I was thinking I shouldn’t have bragged about how well everything was doing. 

I was right..karma got me–and got me good. By Thursday morning my cilantro was mowed down to stubs and my lettuce all but disappeared. 

In fact, right now, as I write this, I see squirrels scampering and sunbathing on my hillside, no doubt working their way up to my garden for lunch. I see the rabbits in my neighbors yard–they must know the lettuce is all gone here.

So once again, I battle the forces of nature, but in spite of all that I was able to harvest their least favorite veggies. But that’s okay, they’re some of my favorites!

For some reason, root vegetable do better–maybe because it’s more work to dig them up than it is to just graze on the greens. These are “rainbow” radishes.

I can’t wait to blister and salt these shishitos. This is the first time I’ve produced enough–but I started with 6 plants.

Once I noticed the tomatoes were disappearing I quickly picked all that were ripe or nearly ripe.

 My first success with shallots. Now I’ll let them dry a bit.

I’ve had the sweetest onions this year. I slice them and use them on BBQ’d chicken with a squeeze of lemon or lime at the end.

I grew this Romaine on the front deck which is fenced in and protected. But I harvested it yesterday in case the critters get smart and hop the fence. 

I can’t wait for the corn! Oh, I forgot to mention…the critters actually ate the baby cobs in the unfenced garden!

Shishito peppers and strawberry-less strawberries.

 I love seeing the geckos-friends of the garden.

Another baby cantaloupe. The last two had so much flavor–nothing like you get in the market.

 So far, only one tiny artichoke, but I’m hopeful.

When I’m done working in the garden and take a last look at it, I can’t wait to sit down to a great dinner. After one bite into a big, juicy tomato or a crisp hot radish, I know it’s worth all the battles with the squirrels and rabbits to maintain an organic garden. I won’t mention the tomato worms–no more jinxes!

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