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The First Harvest Of The Season and My New Garden

Working in my garden gives me great pleasure, but picking the first spring vegetables and biting into the first tomato of the season is pure joy. I’ve had an abundance of peas this year and the green beans have been great, but finally the first tomatoes were ripe and ready to eat.

Here are the shallots, potatoes, small garlic, zucchini and cabbage I harvested. I didn’t have much luck with my cabbage crop. In fact, I’ve never had much luck with the cruciferous plants–I’m convinced it’s either my soil or the weather. A weird mold always appears and I have to pull them out. 

I only ended up with two cabbages and the first had no flavor at all. I’m hoping this one will be better.

Now for the fun part–my new garden. Starting with the garden gate! I’m so excited about this. My “screen-house” was practical but, to be honest, horribly ugly. Right now I’ve planted climbing roses in front, but think I should really do an edible vine like passion fruit or raspberries. 

My new garden has raised beds–two feet high and it makes working in them so much easier! This bed has cilantro–I can never grow enough of it–lots of peppers, strawberries, two tomatoes, Blue Lake green beans and cucumbers. It’s a lot for one space but so far they’re all happy.

I noticed a few little footprints this morning near the strawberries–a reminder my organic, “open-air” garden is fair game for the squirrels, raccoons, rabbits and deer. 

I have an abundance of blueberries. In the past I had three plants and the birds ate 90% of my crop. 

Now I have 10 plants that grow as a small hedge and there seems to be enough for all of us–so far. 

This bed has corn, more cilantro, tomatoes and something I haven’t grown before–garbanzo beans. I’m curious how they grow and what they look like. 

 Here’s another red tomato..and one that hasn’t started to turn yet. 

Once again I’m trying to grow tomatillos. I have three plants next to each other and I’m hoping they’ll produce. In the past I’ve had lots of flowers but almost no fruit and what little fruit I got was really small. 

More tomatoes. Did I mention I have 19 varieties. I guess I really love tomatoes. Lots of onions in this bed. 

Another tomato just starting to ripen. I’ll be sharing with friends and neighbors soon. 

This vine is loaded, but they’re all still green.

The cucumbers are coming in nicely. This one is going to be lunch tomorrow!

 The zucchini are always productive. 

I put in two more lemon trees and baby lemons are on the way. 

Here’s another cucumber variety.

The first green pepper. 

But this is what I’m most excited about–my very first cantaloupe–EVER. 

As I mentioned I’ve had gobs and gobs of peas and they’re still producing. 

The pole beans always fascinate me. Just watching them climb whatever they can find is amazing. 

These Sungold cherry tomatoes seem to be everyone’s favorite. They are as sweet as candy.

Here’s a look at the new raised beds. 

I need to find something fun to make with this Swiss chard. As you can see it’s been nibbled on by my least favorite garden pest–the snail.

Have you noticed that the jasmine bloomed really early this year? I swear it never bloomed until June. But I’m not complaining. I love the smell.

I’m hoping these jalapenos are hot. Last year I didn’t get even one hot one.

I love growing corn. I just think it looks really cool–especially when the tassels come out. 

What would I do without my lemons? My dad used to drink hot water with lemon and I thought that was so odd. And now, I love hot water with lemon. 

I can’t even write about my stone fruit orchard–it’s too sad. Because we never had a cold snap this winter I have no fruit. I’ve learned that in order for the fruit to set you need to have at least a few cold nights and we were breaking heat records all winter. 

So the fun and joy and frustration and sadness of having a garden continue, but it’s all worth it when you can bite into a big fat juicy tomato…that is if you are quick enough to get to it first. 

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