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Harvesting and Planting–My Laguna Beach Veggies In January

While the rest of the country suffered through the Polar Vortex, we had an incredibly warm and beautiful January in Laguna Beach. I harvested these radishes and rutabagas last week–I love thinly sliced radishes on my sandwiches. It gives a bit of heat and a lot of crunch.

Once again, with all this warm weather, my garden is a bit confused. The “volunteer” tomatoes from last year are actually blooming.

And the arugula seeds I sowed on the first of the month have already sprouted!

I like to sow seeds, but it was time for a trip to Roger’s Gardens–as you know my favorite place to buy my veggies. And on weekends, sample the Food Trucks that visit.

I loaded up on all the winter cruciferous plants and vow that this year the “white plague” as I call it won’t overtake them. 

Here’s the cabbage and Brussels sprouts.

Cauliflower and bok choy.

And peas…lots and lots of peas. I think they’re one of my favorite vegetables. 

Every year I try other green beans, but never like them as much as Blue Lake. They haven’t sprouted yet, but I’m hopeful they will any day.

Here’s the old and the new–fennel, leeks, onions and romaine lettuce.

Jake even helped. This is a great way to get kids to eat their veggies when they’re young…and sometimes they still help when they grow up!

I didn’t have a huge crop of Valencia oranges this year, but the ones I had made great juice.

Here’s the broccolini.

Yes….more peas.

Romaine lettuce.

Here are some future lemons….

…and future blueberries.

I have this container of cilantro and parsley on the back deck–close to the kitchen so when I’m cooking it’s easy to go out and snip just a little spice to add to my dishes. 

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