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Jake’s "Drunken" Mahi Mahi On The BBQ

Jake’s home…yay…but only for a two weeks before he returns to New Orleans for his summer job. (That means employment and paychecks!!!) He wanted to fry some fish–and we know he makes a mean fried fish po’boy–but I felt like something lighter, you know, a BBQ. 

We bought a beautiful piece of mahi mahi and he asked my advice (I loved that part) on how to BBQ fish and what to marinade it in. I shared my secrets with him…and now I’ll share them with you.

Google! Yes, I admit it. I told him I look up various recipes and then mix and match ingredients until they became my own–sometimes it works and other times…well…it doesn’t. 

He thought he wanted to use ginger in the marinade so I told him to Google “ginger marinade for fish.” Ingredients included combinations of honey, brown sugar, rice vinegar and soy sauce. 

It wasn’t what he was looking for–he wanted something more Mexican. He Googled Mexican fish marinade and there it was…the one word he needed for inspiration–tequila. Done! Light the grill, squeeze the citrus, chop the cilantro and grab the tequila. 

When he found my Silver Patron he was a bit surprised and said, “Wow, you have the good stuff–it’s really expensive.” I had no idea he was going to use enough tequila to get the fish drunk before it hit the grill! But he’s only home for two weeks and I can always get more Patron.

Notice the fish “swimming” in Patron…and a little citrus.

  • 1 1/4 lbs. fresh mahi mahi (or your favorite firm white fish)
  • 1 orange, juiced
  • 1-2 limes, juiced
  • 1-2 lemons, juiced
  • a lot of tequila
  • cilantro
*he also made a 2nd marinade for comparison:
  • mayonnaise
  • hot sauce
  • red pepper flakes

This piece is in the mayo-pepper sauce. 

Here’s Jake getting it all together in the kitchen. Hav’a Chips always at hand!

Using the Weber for the first time. We had a disagreement over how to light the briquettes–I deferred to the Eagle Scout, but I think using the chimney would have been quicker.

After about an hour the coals were still not that hot, but the fish went on the grill. 

But truth be told–he finished them on the gas grill, which heats up in just a few minutes. He said his goal is to perfect the Weber while he’s home. I would have never known it was a two BBQ job! 

Here it is–worth the wait! He topped it with a little fresh cilantro, and I have to tell you, that tequila-marinade was delicious. Sometimes mahi mahi can be dry–not cooked like this.  It was full of flavor with just a hint of a citrus margarita!

Welcome again to my newest readers in Libya! Read all about my town at Stu News.

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  1. Great recipe, Nancy! Thanks for sharing, and for posting the pics of handsome Jake. Sorry if that makes him blush, but the truth must be told.

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