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Fall Planting Part 2 and It’s Still 88 Degrees Outside

There must be some connection between my planting schedule and the weather. When I put in my first fall seeds (click for a then and now) it was so hot I wasn’t sure they’d make it. But they did! And with all this heat, my peppers keep producing. The offer for peppers still stands…please take some from me!

In spite of the heat, I was ready to put more fall veggies in the ground and replace two of my blueberry bushes. They’re in pots and I think there was a drainage problem. 
I’ll amend the soil with a combination of Acid Planting Mix and Pumice. The pumice should help with the drainage issues–I’ll keep you posted.
I didn’t sow and seeds this time–I went with 6-pack plants. I like the 6-packs because if one doesn’t make it, you still have a shot with the others. Also, for some reason they’re not always ready to eat at the same time so you don’t have to get tired of a veggie too soon. This photo is Brussels Sprouts (at the top) and cauliflower. I’ve yet to get a Brussels Sprout, but I never give up. Maybe this year.

I put in a lot of lettuce…

and a few different varieties. I’m often asked what’s easy to grow…lettuce!

This is another variety of cauliflower–Early Snowball. If you remember, I had trouble with my cauliflower last year until I took Janine’s suggestion and tied the leaves up.
 I love cabbage! This was the only variety they had yesterday, but I have room on the front deck for green cabbage later.
Here’s yet another attempt to grow bok choy. Every year the snails get more of it than I do, but I have six plants–they can have 2.


Here’s a view of the garden just planted and the seeds that have sprouted from a month ago.


…broccoli raab…
The San Marzano tomatoes are still producing. 
I’m going to do a blog on the pizza we learned to make at Tuscookany with Franco and I’ll use these tomatoes for the sauce. 

Remember the peppers? I picked about 4 dozen more from these plants yesterday.

These are the ghost peppers–the hottest!
After all the hard work putting the new plants in the ground, I had another small harvest and another passion fruit–my favorite.
To all my fellow gardeners–happy planting, and harvesting!

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  2. Perhaps I will purloin a package of you perfect peppers from your plot.

  3. Yes, please purloin my peppers! I have so many I put some in the freezer. Maybe stop by on your way home from work…I should be home by 5.

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