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Look What I Found In The Garden This Morning

I thought my season for tomatoes was almost over and look what I found in the garden this morning! But I also found more horned-caterpillars who were enjoying them as well. And worse yet “something” ate all the tops off of my cilantro. That’s a new problem for me, but I’ll worry about that later. First I have to enjoy these tomatoes. 
I could have just sliced them and enjoyed every bite, but instead I decided to make a sandwich.
I had a leftover “store-bought” rotisserie chicken in the fridge so I sliced it and put it on rye.

I loaded it with the tomatoes and was generous with the salt and pepper. Some things just need salt!

Then I piled on the arugula.
And here it is.
Ready for its close up. The tomatoes make it so juicy you don’t even need any mayo. I’m not a big fan of mayo anyway, but if you are, add it if you’d like!
If you’re not growing tomatoes in your garden, pick some up at your Farmer’s Market and try this sandwich. You can even leave off the chicken and it will be delicious! But most important…Enjoy!

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