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Diggin’ In The Dirt And A Mid-Summer’s Harvest

Whenever I have a tough day at work I can’t wait to come home and dig in the dirt–and for the last two weeks that’s been every single day. Why? We just got a new computer system at work and let’s just say, they’re still fine tuning things. We’re all crabby and grumpy trying to figure it all out, but today I shared some of my tomatoes with my fellow crabby workers. 

That’s not the only sharing I’ve done lately…read to the end and you’ll see what I mean. In the meantime, based on your comments, you like to follow my progress (and failures). So here’s the latest garden update.

I had such good luck with my first corn crop I decided to plant another. This might make up for the horrible drought they’re having in the Midwest. I’ll share my new crop with my friends out here.

Remember all the trouble I was having with the zucchini? I gave up. I pulled it all out and started over again. The moldy leaves were just too much to take. I hope this batch does better.

I just love this shot. I planted Blue Lake pole beans seeds about a week ago, and look, they’re coming up. It’s so fun to watch them poke up out of the ground. And here’s a tip: stick with Blue Lake. I planted another variety and they were tough and just not nearly as good.
The cucumbers have attached to the screen and are climbing up to the top!

I picked this one this morning and had it for lunch at work…while I was cursing the computer.

Here’s the sprouting beets. I put the seeds in last week and I’ll thin them out as they come up. If you don’t thin them, you get long skinny beets…trust me on this.

Of course I couldn’t resist putting in some more Swiss chard!

More tomatoes happy and well in the screened in garden…

…and then here’s what happens on the “not-screened-in front deck”. These all came from the same plant. I guess if I get three and the critters get one I can’t complain too much. Although, I wrapped netting around the plant. You know, the same netting that I used to ward off the strawberry thief. I’ll let you know if it works. 

In the meantime, I’ll be covered in mud, diggin’ in the dirt and happy that this computer doesn’t give me too much grief. 
Oh…and happy gardening to all of you. 
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