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10,000 Thanks Yous!


It’s official–I crossed the 10,000 readers mark! 

And I can’t say it loud enough. THANK YOU to all 10,000+ readers in 73 different countries. And to think that just a little over a year ago I was happy to have 100 people read my blog…in a month.

I was talking to a friend recently who had just lost her job and she was struggling with she should do with the second half of her life. She’s lucky–she doesn’t have to worry about money. So I suggested that she should do something she really loved that would bring joy and happiness to people.

And then it struck me. That’s exactly what I’m trying to do with this blog. I don’t want to monetize…you won’t see ads…and I only promote things I truly believe in. My only goal is to spread hope to other gardeners like myself and at the end of the day enjoy a great meal with friends and family.

I’m also one of the lucky ones because I really love my “day job” but I can’t always deliver joy and happiness there. But in my garden and kitchen, happiness reigns.

Let it reign in your garden and kitchen, too.

I would love to cook a big meal for all you to say thank you but since I can’t do that, I’ll give you a photo tour of the garden on this very drizzly and cold 4th of July in Laguna Beach. 

The path to the “screen house.”
Here’s the stupice tomatoes. They were the first to turn red this year. Notice the dry, yellow leaves. I just pick them off when they get like this. I think it happens because of our cold foggy summer weather. 

I haven’t harvested the fennel yet and it flowered. I’ve used some of the leafy part for seasoning, but I’m waiting for a big tomato harvest to make a tomato and fennel salad like we made at Tuscookany.

Finally! Arugula. I planted these seeds about a month ago. It’s taken forever because of the weather. The other variety I planted–wasabi arugula didn’t make it–RIP.

This might be the last of the artichokes. I only had three–counting this one and the plant doesn’t seem to be too happy. Weather? Probably.

The cucumbers are spread out all over and starting to grow, but please…I need some sun!

And now…some other parts of the garden…

I have lots and lots of hydrangeas. Many of them were small, 1-gallon plants that friends gave me since they know I love to garden. I’m happy to report they’re all thriving and happy with the misty weather.

See the orange tree? I lived here for about 5 years before I knew about it. When I bought my house this hillside was a weed-covered mess. My friend Martha was visiting over Christmas one year and came in with a bunch of oranges and the next thing I knew we were drinking mimosas. I think the original owner planted it in 1959 when the house was built. 

I love these giant birds of paradise. They were part of the original house as well.  
More hydrangeas. Thanks again to my friends who gave me the small plants!

Here’s the  pepper tree–also at least 50 years old. Below is the canyon–home to deer, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, coyotes and an occasional mountain lion. And you wonder why I had to have a “screen house.” But this part of the yard is all theirs.

And finally, a drizzly view of the beach from the back deck…

 …and the front deck. Today the beach will be filled with tourists and locals but the umbrellas will be keeping people dry from the drizzle, not protecting them from the sun.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the garden tour and may your weather be great for growing!

And once again, Thank You so much!

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  1. Wow, Nancy! Congratulations! Shari

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