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A Mild Case of Zucchini-Envy

Okay, I admit it. Right now I have zucchini-envy! I read my friend, Janine’s blog this morning and was happy for her…but so sad for me. She has the most beautiful zucchini plants right now and mine…well…mine had to be cut back to almost nothing because of leaf mold and blossom rot. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it.

I won’t even share the worst of my zucchini shots, call it pride or embarrassment, or both. So for good squash photos…and great blogs in general check out Laguna Dirt.

The good news is the rest of my veggies are happy and doing well–in spite of our June gloom and lack of sunshine. At least my lettuce likes this cool weather. I think I’ll make Jeri Berland’s Caeser Salad with the romaine I harvested this morning. 

I still can’t believe how big the cucumbers have gotten. Now they’re climbing up the fence, attaching their tendrils to the corn and and crawling down the bed. They were actually covering the lettuce, which was another reason I had to harvest it today.
This cucumber is getting bigger every day! Who says size doesn’t matter?
And the corn is doing well so I guess it doesn’t mind having cucumbers entwined with it. Next year I’ll plant them a little farther apart.

Here’s a better view of the cuke and the corn.
Here’s the pride of my garden–my tomatoes. That one plant really is over 6 feet tall!

 Janine, are you up for a little “Bobby Flay-style Tomato Throwdown”?

Yours look really good…but it’s all about taste! What do you say…up for the taste test challenge?

Lest I sound too cocky, I’ll swallow my pride and leave you with a shot of my pitiful zucchini.
Don’t be fooled by this one. (I arranged the leaves to look better).

Here’s what it really looks like once I cut off all the moldy leaves. Not a pretty picture. There’s one tiny zucchini–can you spot it? (hint: lower right with a flower)

Remember my motto…never give up. But it is okay to give in to mild cases of zucchini (and garden) envy.


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  1. Remember, size doesn't matter–it's what you do with those zucchini that counts, right? And I've seen all your amazing recipes using your homegrown produce! So I wouldn't even dream about accepting a throwdown with you on anything I attempt to grow. I've seen your bountiful garden in person, so I know better. But thanks for being so nice!

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