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June Harvest, Garden Maintenance and David at Roger’s Gardens

I always love the first big harvest of the summer season. When I dug up these red potatoes and picked the green beans I knew I was going to make a red potato and green bean salad with vinaigrette dressing–I’ll share the recipe in another blog, but right now I want to tell you about the garden maintenance I did this weekend, and hopefully inspire you to start working on your garden.

As you know, I’m always battling something in the garden. Recently it’s been the moldy leaves on my yellow squash and flower rot that spread to the squash itself. Talk about a bad odor. I thought something died. I finally gave up and pulled it all out. But I felt better when I went to Roger’s Gardens today and spoke with David and he told me he was having similar problems.

He also recommended Bu’s Brew Biodynamic. It’s a “tea” you mix with water and use on your plants. Here he’s demonstrating how simple it is to make.

When I saw his tomatillos I was sold. I won’t even embarrass myself by showing you how small mine are. So I bought the brew and mixed up a batch today and tomorrow I’ll be showering my veggies with it, so stay tuned. I also noticed that his were staked so I staked mine, too. They had been crawling around on the ground. Their fruit may still be small but at least now they have better posture. 

What I’d really like to do is stake my tomatoes like they do at Tuscookany

This would require a lot more space than I have. But hey, a girl can always dream.

I was just happy to find two almost-ripe tomatoes in my garden yesterday.

And this cluster of green ones that should start to turn red any day.

I was excited to find the jalapenos coming along. I hope they’re hot this year. I’ve had trouble growing any with real heat, so if you have any advice, please let me know.

I wish I could make this a Scratch n’ Sniff photo. These lemon blossoms are so fragrant! I have two dwarf lemon trees right outside my front door and I want everyone to come visit so they can soak up the aroma.

And who can forget my strawberry battles. Here’s the latest in that installment. New berries and a net. Let’s hope this does the trick. By the way, David, at Rogers Gardens, thinks the thief was a squirrel. I think he could be right. The snails may have started the job, but the squirrels finished it off. 

Give a Kid a Can of Spray Paint…and his inner Bansky emerges. I bought a raspberry vine today and decided to put it in its own pot. Last time I attempted to grow raspberries they sent out shoots and kind of took over everything, so this time I’m going to contain them. I thought the terra cotta would look good in the two shades of gray I painted the strawberry pot, but Jake had his own idea.

And at the end of the day the raspberries were in their new “matching” color pot.

Lastly, I have to thank my friend, Janine for sharing my story and my garden with her readers! I’ve had so much positive feedback. So again, thanks, Janine.

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