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I Left Jazz Fest and Came Home To A Jungle

I went to New Orleans last week for the Jazz and Heritage Festival and came home to a jungle! And as I sat in my garden, marveling at the growth, I realized my garden and Jazz Fest are a lot alike. 

Last year was my first trip to Jazz Fest and I had an unbelievably great time. I was a little worried that this year wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Kind of like a garden–you can get great tomatoes one year, and have crop failure the next.

Good news–I didn’t need to worry. I had just as much fun this year and got to see bands I’ve loved forever like Bruce Springsteen, who played an incredibly great version of Johnny 99 with a “wall of sound” horn section featuring Jake Clemons (Clarence’s nephew) on sax. 

I also discovered new bands like Givers, Empress Hotel, the Mardi Gras Indians and The Revivalists. But the biggest discovery awaited me when I got home–my garden had exploded in the five days I was gone.

That’s when I decided that Jazz Fest is a lot like gardening–you just never know what you’ll find.

While I was busy listening to Dr. John and the Lower 911 sing Right Place Wrong Time, my corn also seemed to be in the right place…and the right time.

And I can just imagine that my potatoes, tomatillo, tomatoes and fennel were reaching for the sky as I danced to Trombone Shorty.

I loved the Mardi Gras Indians. If you’ve never listened to them, try downloading Shallow Water. I heard Walter Cook and Creole Wild West but you can download a version by Hundred and One Runners. 

 Can you believe how big my tomatoes got? They’re almost out of their cages. 

The zucchini is blooming nicely and I see some starting to grow. Last year I had a big problem–no zucchini. I hear you need a male and female plant (makes sense) but you never know what you’ve got and it’s not like you can check them out, like kittens. I’ll bet Big Chief Monk Boudreaux would probably know…or Dr. John could use gris gris and make sure I have a crop.

Love these peas. Almost as much as the Zydeco I heard at the Fais Do Do Stage. 

Corn! Looking good–and it did come back this year, unlike The Subdudes. They didn’t play this year. I saw them for the first time last year and they said it would be their last Jazz Fest. But the locals I met said they said that every year–not to worry–they’d be back. Sadly, they weren’t. But you can download their CD’s. I like I’m Angry and Morning Glory on Miracle Mule. 

 Can’t wait for the blueberries. I’ve actually already picked a couple.

On Friday afternoon I stumbled upon a band called Givers. Wow…loved them. That’s the beauty of Jazz Fest. There are 11 stages spread out over the Race Track and you spend the day wandering from stage to stage and discovering great music. And that’s how jazz fest is like gardening….you just never know what you’ll stumble upon and get to enjoy.

So at the end of the day…Enjoy your music and your garden!

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  1. Looks like the perfect welcome home!

  2. I adore how beautiful and organized your garden is! I just planted (a little late) last weekend and am looking forward to see how everything sprouts up…I'm very novice when it comes to gardening so I know I can get great advice from your site 🙂 I bet Jazz Fest was a blast and congrats on the flourishing garden!

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