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A New Look For The Garden and Roger’s TomatoMania

What a weekend! I went on a shopping spree at Roger’s Gardens TomatoMania, waited patiently for Max to finish the garden remodel and then I planted 99 (I just counted them) new spring veggies.

Originally, I just wanted to replace the “chemically treated wood” surrounding my veggie beds with cedar, and install a better, more efficient drip irrigation system. But you know how that goes. Projects always start small. Then they get a little bigger. Well, this one got bigger. And bigger. Then really big. Really fast. But the end result was definitely worth it.

Max, my gardener, was actually the one to inform me that I had chemically treated wood in my old beds and that it was not only potentially impacting my veggies, but the runoff from my garden was draining into the ocean. I may no longer drive a Prius, but there was no way I would knowingly pollute my ocean!

I researched various products to use while Max kept insisting on stone. I was hesitant at first, but he finally convinced me. The next big change came when I agreed to give up my rectangular beds in favor of two long continuous beds. Again, Max assured me I would have the same amount of growing space but would have a much easier time harvesting. He was right. Now everything is within arm’s reach. With my old beds I had to crawl into them to pick my veggies.

 As Max continued to work I went to Roger’s Gardens and loaded my cart.

I met Laura Moore with TomatoMania and she suggested a few new varieties that I had never heard of. I’ll keep you posted.

 I got home and started planting…

 And planting….

And here’s the new garden. The potted lemon tree is in the center but I think that will be temporary. I’m looking for a bistro table and chairs–it’ll be a great place to read the Sunday paper.

 Here’s a side view of the wrap-around tomatoes cages.

I found this bamboo tee pee at Roger’s–I’m going to train my zucchini to grow up to conserve space.

 Hopefully the green beans will grow up this support like they did last year.

 It’s still cool enough for another batch of spring lettuce.

And here’s the hose that started it all…my new drip irrigation. It’s always the little projects that grow so big. I just hope my garden grows as big as quickly.

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