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Fresh Herb-Paired Roasted Fall Veggies

Working in my garden today I realized I planted enough herbs last month to supply a small restaurant chain for at least a year! What to do with all of them? Either all of my friends would get “herbs for the holidays” or I needed to dream up some new recipes–fast. 

Then it occurred to me–you always hear about wine pairing so I thought I’d try “veggie-pairing”. 

I rummaged through the fridge and pulled out a zucchini, an onion and a sweet potato and here’s what I came up with: Thyme and cinnamon with sweet potato. Tarragon with the onion, for a little taste of France. And parsley for the zucchini.

I was so excited about how good it turned out I just had to share. So here it is–a really tasty veggie dish in three easy steps. 

Step One: 

  • Peel and cut sweet potato into cubes. Put in baggie with thyme and cinnamon.
  • Cut onion into wedges and put in baggie with whole tarragon stems.
  • Cut zucchini into 2 inch slices and put in baggie with parsley.     
  • Drizzle about 1 teaspoon olive oil into each baggie. 
  • Season each bag with Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute and salt and pepper. If you don’t have Trader Joe’s you can use any seasonings you prefer.

Step Two: 
Arrange in three rows on a cookie sheet, tucking the herbs around the veggies.

Step Three: Roast at 425 for about 20-25 minutes until tender. The herbs will blacken, but that’s okay, you won’t serve them. Spoon onto a nice white platter and serve warm or at room temperature. I think they would be great with a nice garlic-stuffed pork tenderloin….but unfortunately I didn’t find one in the fridge tonight!

I still have a lot of herbs in the garden, so if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by, I’m happy to share!

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  1. Nancy–Looks great–I will stop by for herbs! Sharon

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